Audio Drama Update

 Hi Guys, I have a few updates to share with you. Adventures in Odyssey Album 73 will be launching on the 14th of July in the Club. I have been listening through Basecamp Adventures and am at season 4. I may share my thought shortly.  Discovery Mountain’s new season launched, and can be heard on the website Discovery Mountain is finally adding new content to … Continue reading Audio Drama Update


 Hello OdysseyBoiers today I am talking about the 4th wall breaking, physics breaking episode that should not be canon. Episode 167  Dobson comes to town. Background:     First imagine Kristen family listening to this episode in 1995.  A large family on a farm who listens to audio drama.  Her family wakes up early in the morning to milk the cows and at 9:30 in the … Continue reading 167

Life at The Pond Chocolate for Life review.

Hi guys lets talk about Chocolate for Life.  Read about The Pond Characters here.      You can guest post for us and please do, I cant do this by myself. Just email me.  Also don’t forget about Word With Zach if you need the backlog find it here.     This is a pretty decent Life at the Pond episode. This is the official description . “A radio station gives clues … Continue reading Life at The Pond Chocolate for Life review.

How Kids Corner Borrows for Odyssey and How Odyssey Borrows from Kids Corner

 Hello all. Today, I will be talking about the things KC borrows from AIO, and pt 2 will be about how AIO borrows from KC!! Enjoy. As stated in this post, KC and AIO are different audio dramas there is some overlap with lessons learned, and character traits. Stay tuned for this post.  1. Grandpa Anole     The character of the ‘old wise guy’ was … Continue reading How Kids Corner Borrows for Odyssey and How Odyssey Borrows from Kids Corner

Hold The Phone

Kids Corner has aged pretty well, but there is one episode in particular that is funny. “Hold the Phone”     Hold The Phone, is an episode about Liz loosing his phone and someone using his phone to text mean things to people in his address book. Pretty standard right until you think about it. Why does Liz not hve  password on his phone, and why can … Continue reading Hold The Phone

 Did You Know?

Tom Riley and Jimmy Anole both got arrested, and were saved by a crack investigative team.      Near the end of the Novacom Saga, Tom Riley is accused of blowing up the Novacom tower. He is then thrown in jail, and Whit and Alex investigate the real reason of what happened. (Funny story when the writes were researching an alert on the soft ware went off … Continue reading  Did You Know?